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I'm on a mission to inspire and guide you to be a better runner!

After having health issues from chronic deseases for several years I set myself the goal to run a half marathon while lying on a hospital bed with an infusion in my arm. Since that point about ten years ago I'm a regular runner and participated in several marathons and even ultra trail races in the mountains. Running became my passion and kept me healthy over the years both physically and mentally. In my blog I'd like to give you some inspiration to follow me on an awesome running journey and share with you my experiences and all I learned along the way. 

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The DOs And DON'Ts Of Running

Some must-know tips for runners of all levels.

Running Inspiration

Get Inspired To Run

This one is all about trying to inspire you and keep you motivated in your running. I’ll share my personal experiences as well as write about awesome pro performances. Check this section out if you need some motivation to get off your couch.

Start Running

Let's Go On A First Run

Here I want to give starting runners all the help they need to start this great new hobby and get fast improvements right at the very beginning. You’ll get some basic know-how and basic training principles in these posts so you do the right things and avoid mistakes.

Running Advice

Get The Advice You Need

In the running advice section I’ll just share anything I know about running training and other useful tips to help you be a better runner. I offer advice based on the experiences I made in the past decade after starting running from scratch myself.

Running Gear

All About The Equipment You Need

Though running is more than just improving and having fancy gear, having good equipment can have a big impact when you run regularly. In here I share product reviews and recommend the stuff that lastet in my running bag.

Running Science

Look Behind The Curtain

I’m a bit of a science nerd I have to confess. Usually I want to know everything that is behind the scenes and I keep digging and researching until I’m satisfied with the information I got. Read here some interesting science facts around the world of running.

Running Trends

Great Athletes & New Trends

I’m not only a runner myself I also follow all the other great runners out there especially in trail and ultra running. Also I like to see in which direction the sport is going and what the current trends and developments are. I’ll share my thoughts on these kind of things in this section of the blog.

About the Blogger

Meet the guy behind the running mate

Hi I'm Mikula

Mikula is the founder of therunningmate.run and an endurance runner for over a decade.

“I just love running! Going outside and run in the fresh air became a passion over the past years. With therunningmate.run I try to inspire non-runners to consider this great and healthy hobby as well as share my experience to improve my fellow running mates all over the planet!”

Happy running!

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